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Visualize Their Experience

One of the main personality traits I was born with is blue! This is one of four colours that is so important to know as a person who deals with sales. It's easy to learn and you can quickly assess your client to know if you are providing their needs of a. information ( green) b. Lists of order! ( gold) C. Entertainment Please! (orange) and D. FEELINGS. ( blue)

We have about 2 of these colors and mine are orange and blue. Imagine how unhappy I was when I was working for 15 years in a color environment that was not for me! So let me talk about my blue in my job as an interior photographer! One of the traits of blue is empathy. For my job, this helps me to "walk the path" of a buyer for property, for the purpose of that job assignment, which is realtor photos.

Today, I will talk about walking up to and into the home. I read once, that the seller can tell in the first 8 seconds, if they want that house. Of course, this is not written in stone, and can change, but we all know how important first impressions are!

As a photographer, I have been impacted by the following things as one who makes their living in the visual department. I am also a highly sensitive person (HSP) but we won't talk about smells today! Some of the things I notice in my first eight seconds is the condition of wooden porches and the fence, when it is not painted. So many times, this wooden product, just needed a splash of paint, to tell the person approaching, that this house is "taken care of". What is with them overgrown bushes in front of the house? I am basically taking a photo at times, of a snippet of a house, and its' bush!

What season is it? I have taken photos of house this year, with Christmas decorations in it, six months after the fact. Updating photos is so important, but an idea for another day! Windows! If you do not have the time for a window cleaner, hire a cleaner! They are super cheap and make for better photos. My HDR photos picks up specks on windows. I can photograph a house with dirty carpets, and brush that out, but it's pretty impossible to get rid of window dirt and smudges.

Let's go inside and talk about the front entrance! Will the buyer be greeted with 16 pair of shoes! A hint, them shoe racks that you can pick up and move, should be picked up and moved to the garage for photos or showings! Our subconscious mind picks up these smells in the least, and they say "clutter". Do you have a free standing hanging coat rack with coats for your photos or showing? Take it off! It's not a staging plus item! The coats on your walk in entries and "good junk" look like clutter! It's so hard to make a good photo of this! Do you see a big bowl of key and fobs?

What does the front mat look like? If it's black and has specks of dirt, it will totally show up! We see this dirt, so will MLS. Ask your good friends to tell you what they see as they come to your house from their eyes. We get used to the imperfections of our house, and don't see our clutter and worn out items. ( door handles, light fixtures, mail box etc). Does the house say "house of horrors" when you walk in from it's dark ambience, or "welcome home" with bright LED white lights? Just light that house up and open them curtains. Nobody stops to talk to a creep! Thanks for reading my first blog and I look forward to sharing more of my experiences over the years.

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