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Urban Couple Seeking Modern Lifestyle

Well it's 2021, and we are pretty well rehearsed with the needs of living during a pandemic. We used to not talk about it or deny it, but now we got it, so far! New Trends - Last year we saw cabins being snatched up in real estate for staycations. We saw kiddy pool shelves empty and couldn't even find online. Softub Canada, which supplies product all over Canada, used to average production of 25 Softubs a week before COVID-19 and has since upped that to 35 a week - and still can't keep up with demand. [ Laura Duke / Saltwire] The needs of the homeowner has changed!

Will life ever return to the way it was? I think not. Remember the time that the TV networks went on strike, and the era of reality TV was born? Televised poker never did go away did it? Busy couples have learned, that working out at home, saves 696 dollars a year! ( The Hustle ) The Modern Pelton bikes can cost around 1900 dollars plus a monthly fee of roughly 50 dollars for the programs. It sounds steep, but not so bad when you calculate your gym fees, in which half the people don't even go. We are a busy society, and can knock off at least 1 hour of driving and locker room stuff, that we could do it at home. Therefore, our society may soon walk away from gyms and the space at home is crucial to a desired lifestyle.

We are creatures of adaption, and CEO's are seeing how much money they could save, by not renting out office space. It is only common sense to keep, many employers working remotely. Who does not want to save money? So in terms of home hunting, a home office is essential to see, when searching.

The best home office is a remote room with a door, to close off the rest of the home environment. We all remember the viral video of Little Lisa come dancing in during a televised financial report to the world.

A work out space, can be anywhere from the Flex room to the basement, but please, keep out of the bedroom! Highlight these areas if you are a realtor, and present uncluttered and spaces that do not look crowded. You want the potential buyer to visualize clean open work spaces and with a coffee bar!! Happy Spring Market 2021. Sales are up!

HOME OFFICE from listing 16632 - 14 avenue SW Edmonton - MLS.

Gym Space from listing 338 Reeves Way Edmonton. - MLS

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