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My mind has been refreshed, that if you decide to make a living in the world of creativity, being comfortable is your worst enemy. The comforts of your home like your favorite TV recliner, or your bed, will inhibit any movement towards creating the art in your brain. Being comfortable, will not let you go out of your comfort zone, to get your art on paper, so to speak. Staying in the lines, listening to the voice, about what people will think, will totally not get you your DaVinci.

Lately, I have got in my SUV in the brisk mornings of Edmonton, Alberta, to get some drone photos or video. I am a wimp, so this gets me out of the comfort of the morning coffee routine. I will share my two projects from around our city.

This was taken in the park area of River Valley Hermitage. I wanted to be at a location to shoot the bridge, at sunrise which was 835 am. There are great colors in the sky for still photography, approximately 15-20 mins before the sun comes up. Because there were no clouds in the sky, I had to rely on the sun coming up only.

I thank my Creator, for putting a train in spot at exactly sunrise! It even stopped so I could get my 3 shots needed for my HDR photo. I will attach that to here. So my lesson is that if I want to be more than a person who pushes buttons for a living, that I need to become uncomfortable if I want to make art!! I am glad, that I didn't get this desire in the summer, when the sun comes up at 5am!

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