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Edmonton Property Manage Correctly

2020 is quite the year, where businesses have had to adapt to change, because of our current health crisis. One area that has bigger needs that requires our services, is videos for property managers or Landlords.

Both parties are more cautious in touring the potential property to lease. A good video will show as much detail for the potential renter. There will be more details provided, than a marketed video for real estate. Closets and cupboard space may be displayed more to see if is suitable.

Why would I do drone for some properties? It is a great way to feature area schools and playgrounds or parks. This can be done, provided the weather is not too windy or cold. Many renters need services like groceries, gyms, and banks close by, because of mobility issues.

We have clients as far away as Vancouver, who just click on our booking system, and we shoot and send the media back in a timely manner. We have never met in person except for texting on our smart phones! Technology does play a role and makes our jobs easier when times are tough. Bundle packages start at 225 dollars for video and photos. Drone may be free! #propertymanagement #Landlords #airBnb #Investors #edmonton

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