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Clear Your schedule! and your counters!

Clear your schedule, and your counters! BMP is open to free consultations with your sellers and chosen Realtor. I am no professional stager, but I do know about 10 years of what looks good in photos. I have a strength, of putting myself in a buyers shoes, and seeing what they would feel.

I cringe when I see counters full of "stuff", that the seller is so proud of. Items like coffee makers and their accessories, Juicers, and them Iconic blenders. We are trying to show the potential buyer about potential kitchens for their needs. The number one thing they would look for, is if it is big enough for their needs. They don't necessarily need a big gourmet kitchen, but they sure don't want any space that looks crowded where they can't even mix a bowl of their favorite dish.

My mental game is to take out my symbolic broom and sweep the counter clean and those fridge pictures Grandma!! Nothing ruins a great crisp clean kitchen than with photos, papers, and yes, they realtor magnets! ( joke) .

HOW DOES IT WORK: Send photos to me from a far away vantage point of the room. I can make some suggestions. ( ie clear the focus of the fireplace) lose them toys!!! etc. Call today for a consult. #stagingtoSell #realestate #YEGrealestate #YEGre

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