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Will this year win the year that we just finished? Many good willed people make their new years resolutions at the end of the lunar calendar. I have and may still dabble in it. Today, mine are more minor, and I try to have a one day a time thinking, in my life long recovery process. It is much easier to take on the world, one day a time.

I ponder on this January 7, about a thought related to branding. Branding is essentially the feeling part of your business and what it reflects, how others feel about your business. have been thinking about what various business reputations are. They can be identified by the greeting on the street sample. For example, Oh! you guys are the ones that sell Canadian coffee and donuts! Hey, you guys have that song ' row row rooter, thats the name". You guys have that tuba bear! ( 70s A & W) You get my drift?

This year, I have been doing lots of drone shots above my house of the sunrise. If I don't watch it, I might be known to people as the "guy who does the morning drone sunrise photos". Some people are known for filling their cars for charity each Christmas. My word this year seems to be HOPE. I want to share hope with others in these dark alone times, when suicide and Drug OD is so rampant. Addictions hits every age group above 10 right? Now I have to blow the dust off this word, and make it mine. I also need to find clarity on the word worthiness. I need to own that word, with my lifelong battle with it. I want my products to have worthiness always, and my client.

I wish all my clients a Happy New Years for 2021. I have a new passion in the last 60 days, so I hope I can funnel it to the proper direction. Thank you for being on my walk of life.

#NewYears #Branding #Hope #onedayatatime

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